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The "Tempomaat"
  The automatic pilot for the inland shipping




Push barges, equipped with the "Tempomaat" system, realize considerable fuel savings













A successful and ever-evolving product of the Monitoring group is the "Tempomaat".

Essentially, this is an automatic pilot which takes over control of ships, which sail the same route on a regular basis. This system integrates modern means of communication such as GPS information, advanced measuring tools, and smart software.

Basically, it gathers information such as tides, water current and fuel consumption.

With this information, the software calculates the optimum speed for all parts of the route. If necessary, the systems corrects itself based on constantly renewed information on position, fuel consumption etcetera.

The result is a remarkable saving on fuel consumption, in some instances up to 10%, depending on application.


On the ships of the EWT, veerhaven and Haniel vessels, which are equipped with the system,  fuel savings of over 6%  have been proven over a period of two years  since the vessels have been equipped with the system.





It also results in a very accurate estimate of the sailing time. You just enter the desired time of arrival, and the system will return the required speed for all parts of the route. The advantage of fuel reduction are obvious. In addition, the accurate planning also has great impact on logistics, as the time of arrival of the ship makes planning of further transport, such as trucks, better controllable.


For more information on the Tempomaat and related products, please visit the website www.tempomaat.nl